OLDP Conference

Open Legislative Data in Paris II

Time Has Come for Law Tracking

  • When? May 28th, 2014
  • Where? Sciences Po  Paris
  • Who? The Law Factory (Regards Citoyens + Sciences Po)

All the presentations will be held in English

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What kind of topics will be covered?

We welcome proposals on any aspects of law tracking in parliaments linked to the use of computer science, be it in order to present existing projects, to explore new tools, to discuss their effects, to analyze legislatures through open parliamentary data…

Special attention will be given to the following areas:

  • The technical challenges of tracking bills in parliaments. How do we deal with missing data? Should committees and floor amendments be treated the same? How do we connect the versions of the bills with the mountains of amendments? What should be done with the so numerous failed amendments?
  • The esthetical challenges of tracking bills in parliaments. Which kind of visualization is optimal for making sense of a process as manifold as law making? Where should the focus be placed? How can digital design help?
  • The ethical challenges of tracking bills in parliaments. Does the treatment of big corpora of legislative data really tell us something about the quality of a given democracy? Is it possible, for instance, to specify patterns of lobbying through law tracking?

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