The technical component of “The Law Factory” project

The technical component of “The Law Factory” project (Regards Citoyens)
Represent the law as code.

Using tools such as version-control we will be able to:

  • visualize the differences between two text versions
  • identify the authors (identify the date and the documentation for each change).
  • use the existing visualization tools to represent the entire projects, but also the various keywords and the activity following a ceratin  number of criteria (downloading, weeks of activity etc.).

The interest of disseminating data is to allow people who are not necessary experts of legislative studies to develop their skills.

Organization of the technical component of the projet:

  • operating the National Assembly and the Senate’s data
  • versionalisation work: link the original texts and amendments to each change and present them in a timely manner
  • provide visualizations using the existing tools
  • create specific tools (heat map)

Make public our codes and data sources to encourage wider vocations than those initially in the project.

The objectives of the project:

  • retrieve the versions of the parliamentary navette
  • develop visualization tools
  • apply these tools not only to amendments and draft laws, but the law in general
  • qualification of the amendments
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