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The team is based on a collaboration between two renown actors, one academic and one belonging to the civil society. The partners share complementary views on the “factory law” issue: on the one hand, Sciences Po researchers are specialists of the parliamentary life, of the legislative mechanism and of the scientific methodology. On the other, the members of Regards Citoyens have a rich fieldwork experience concerning the collection and the public usage of data of the National Assembly but most of all, they are the heart of a citizen’s movement guided by the question of the role of parliamentary debate in society.

1. Centre d’études européennes (CEE) de Sciences-Po


 Olivier Rozenberg                            Angela Tacea                         Clément Victorovitch

Scientific coordinator                     Research Assistant               Associated PhD candidate

2. Regards Citoyens                  

3. Médialab Sciences Po, coordinator : Paul Girard             

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